We are excited for smart homes. And ready to excite you too.

Meet Forseti Home Systems.

We are principled. And we stick to our values.

Discover the main principles that shape the Forseti brand


Plug-in and decentralization

We design products so that everyone can easily install them themselves. The solutions are wireless and decentralized, so there is no need for expensive smart home installations.

Ecology and efficiency

Household heating accounts for over 30% of global energy consumption. Our solution will make it possible to reduce this number and thus save nature and money of our customers.

Long-term support

We remain loyal to our customers. You automatically get all the updates and new features free of charge even 

on previously purchased devices.

Wide compatibility

We create an open system supporting all common standards. Our devices can thus easily communicate with devices from other manufacturers via popular smart home platforms.

Development: 3D model of the Forseti eTherm thermostat

We want every home to be smart.

Because spending time at home should be a joy, not a worry.

We believe that smart homes change the way we live


It all started with creating simple smart home solutions for our own use. That's when we discovered the amazing potential of smart homes and IoT devices.


By solving a lot of routine things for us, they increase our comfort and, most importantly, save our free time. In addition, such houses are less energy demanding, which will reduce both the expenditure required for their operation and the impact on nature.


Thanks to this, we are convinced that the era of smart homes will begin. And for that, we want to provide the best solutions on the market.

Minimalist products with maximum functionality


We develop our solutions so that they are accessible to everyone, but at the same time belong to the technological cutting edge.


When designing individual functions, we place great emphasis on how they will be used. We then leave the user free in which of them he will use.


In short, we want solutions that the user engages and learns to work with without costing him much effort.


Simplicity is what makes our devices really smart.

We are currently working on:

  • Google Home and IFTTT support

  • Electric floor heating regulation

  • Water floor heating regulation

  • Apple Home Kit and Amazon Alexa

  • Wireless temperature sensors

  • Regulation of electric radiators

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