Forseti eTherm and Forseti eValve

Smart thermostat and radiator valves

Forseti eTherm STAND

Wireless version of the thermostat on the stand. Compatible with 90% gas boilers, electric bolers, heat pumps and other heating sources. Supports hot water tanks.

Forseti eRelay enables two-way

communication with the heating source


  • Part of the package of the eTherm thermostat

  • In addition to the boiler output, it can also regulate the temperature of heating and domestic water

  • Compatible with sources from all manufacturers

  • Installation by the the heating source


Key benefits of the Forseti eTherm smart thermostat

  • Remote control of your heating thanks to the Forseti Home mobile app

  • Intuitive manual control via rotating mechanism and touch button

  • Heating source control based on outdoor temperature and weather data

  • Advanced two-way communication with the heating source

Installation of Forseti products

You can easily install Forseti products and we will be happy to help you if necessary.

Do it Yourself

Forseti products have been designed so that anybody can install them himself

Just follow the installation


Installation instructions:

Compatiblity check

If you are not sure that the Forseti eValve is compatible with your radiator, send us a photo of it and we will contact you.

Professional installation

Take advantage of professional installation. Call us or leave us your contact and we will get back to you.

+420 605 017 670

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